web development

We specialize in building high quality web applications using top-notch technologies. It's our passion to deliver perfectly working and exceptionally looking solutions. With our unique approach to every customer, you can be sure that solutions we provide are tailored and perfectly suit your needs.

Technologies we use








mobile development

We develop marvelous mobile applications which are easy and satisfying to use. Our belief in minimalistic UX/UI design gives users applications which solve they problems and are intuitive. We follow the newest trends in mobile app development to deliver the best possible product.

Platforms we support




You’ve been always dreaming about creating an app that will change the world? You have this amazing idea and you’re looking for a team which helps you make your dream come true? Maybe some IoT solution which uses beacons and physical web? Or an amazing mobile game which entertains thousands of people?

Contact us! We are eager for new challenges and really passionate about your new creative ideas.

why us?

We are a small team of professional developers and designers. We all have a lot of experience working on different kind of projects. We specialize in delivering small and medium web and mobile applications. Our approach to every project and customer is different depending on your needs.


First things first! We want to learn as much about your project as possible. When we understand your business requirements, we can propose a solution which suits for needs best. And it's free!

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2. Design

We prepare a full detailed specification of proposed solution together with user interface mock-ups.

3. development

We are agile, usually we work in 1-2 weeks cycles which consist:

  • planning - select features which will be delivered
  • development - our favourite part, coding!
  • demo - every cycle we want to present you our progress
  • feedback - your frequent feedback is invaluable
  • repeat!

4. Support

After the product is delivered and deployed we provide our technical support. We will keep monitoring your applications and be ready to do any fixes or tweaks.